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Scuba Vs. Freediving

November 21, 2018

Scuba Vs. Freediving

While they may seem very similar, the activities of scuba and freediving are very different. Scuba diving will always be best for long-term underwater exploration. However, there are those who prefer the freedom that freediving does provide them. If you have been scuba diving for years, here are some reasons you may want to consider trying this alternative option:

  • Less equipment: Obviously, the first thing you will notice about the difference between these two recreational activities is that you are buying and carrying a lot less equipment. However, also keep in mind the less equipment you have when traveling. If you are traveling via plane or car, it’s a lot easier to pack freediving gear than scuba.
  • Know your own limits: One of the reasons many prefer freediving is because they are also reliant on less equipment. Rather than learning the ins and outs of scuba and realizing you might be 100 feet below the surface and need to make an adjustment, you are diving within your own limits and can push yourself as far as you can comfortably go.
  • Popular among fishermen: Many fishermen, especially those who love to spearfish, prefer to get in the water without a tank because the bubbles can scare marine life away. By swimming without the bubbles, you have an opportunity to get closer to marine life without startling them. It’s also a popular option for deep sea fishing if you are in school of tuna, mahi or something else and have the opportunity to get in and catch a few with your speargun.
  • More mobility: Along with less bubbles, you also have more flexibility. This is important if you are chasing after a fish or lobster and trying to stay within reach. It’s also a benefit if you are diving between rocks, ledges or around bridges.

Scuba diving provides a unique opportunity to explore our oceans for longer periods of time or at deeper depth. However, if you are looking for a fast, fun and thrilling adventure, then nothing beats freediving.

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