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Spearfishing Tips For Winter

December 05, 2018

Spearfishing Tips For Winter

For some, winter is a chance to sit back, see some friends and family, drink some warm drinks and relax. For freedivers, winter is a time to get a little crazy and have a lot of fun. Florida provides a unique opportunity this time of year as the colder waters bring in a new wave of fish species who are trying to avoid the colder weather up north. Millions of fish will be heading this way for warmer waters and fishermen throughout the state will be taking advantage of it.

Species like Amberjack, Grouper, Mackerel, Snapper, Cobia and others will be on display more prominently during the next few months and for freedivers, it’s a great opportunity to get in the water and catch some dinner or see some amazing sea life. Before you head out, there are some important freediving and spearfishing Cps for winter you should be aware of:

  1. It will be cold: Just because it might be 80 degrees when you hit the water doesn’t mean the water won’t be cold. Florida water temperatures drop significantly this time of year and you will still need to wear protective gear like wet suits to compensate.
  1. Extra attention: It’s important to note, one of the more popular visitors to our seas this time of year is sharks. They too are migrating from the cold waters up north and when you are spearfishing and/or freediving you need to make sure that you are aware of them. If you get a fish on the end of your spear be sure to get to the boat or have your dive buddies surround you as to protect your catch.
  1. Rougher seas: The winds of winter bring with the rougher seas. This can make freediving a bit more turbulent so make sure that you are using a buddy system and following the freediving safety tips that we’ve covered in previous blogs.
  1. More opportunity: The high winds also bring more debris like seaweed, wood and other objects to our shores. These items act as a floating reef for thousands of fish and can be a big help in finding a good place to start your search.

Winter brings a unique opportunity for freedivers in Florida whether you are local or visiting the state. However, it also brings some unique challenges that you want to be aware of. Respect for nature is always the best way to go whether it’s winter or summer. Be sure to follow safety tips and know the rules as far as legal size and time of year for certain species of fish.

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