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Top Freediving Spots In Florida

November 07, 2018 1 Comment

Top Freediving Spots In Florida

When you think about freediving spots, anywhere where there’s water is usually a good place to start. However, there are some places throughout the state that offer something unique, a chance to explore an underwater ecosystem full of life, history and a few other things that will make the trip worth it.

  1. Dry Tortugas National Park: Arguably the most famous snorkeling and diving spot in all of Florida is located 70 miles west of tourism hot-spot Key West. Adventure seekers can take a boat from Key West and camp at the Fort for the weekend, providing plenty of time to explore the Civil War Fort as well as to take a dive in these pristine blue waters with protected coral reefs and flourishing marine life.
  2. Key Largo: Key Largo is home to many ideal snorkeling destinations including John Pennekamp Park. This popular destination allows you to explore reefs, marine life like dolphins, lobsters, eels and more. Key Largo is also home to several other popular dive spots and provides opportunities for free divers of all levels of experience to test their limits and explore the ocean.
  3. Blue Heron Bridge: Listed as one of the top ten shore dive sites in the world many years in a row the Blue Heron Bridge is a fantastic beach dive for all levels. Depths range from eight feet to about twenty feet deep. You can easily spend two plus hours snorkeling and freediving around this area. One important tip is to be sure you go at high tide. The current and visibility can be very poor if you do not catch the tides correctly. When you do catch the tides right however it is an amazing dive you’ll want to do over and over.
  4. Blue Grotto: While Florida is well known for beaches and salt water, there are plenty of freshwater places you can visit in the central and northern parts of the state. Natural springs provide unique diving experiences and one of the most popular is the Blue Grotto located in Williston. While it is more frequently explored by scuba divers, the Grotto does offer a unique opportunity for free divers to explore underwater caves.

With dozens of freediving spots throughout the state, be sure to do your homework on each location prior to visiting. Each spot provides a unique opportunity but also requires a different level of experience.

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Alexandra Tropea
Alexandra Tropea

July 22, 2019


Thinking of going to Florida in November. We are a couple of freedivers, looking to make the most of a 10 day trip. Any must-see places? Shore dive suggestions? Would love any input from local Freedivers! Let us know if you’re ever in Toronto, Canada.

My partner is the owner/operator or Toronto Island Freediving. We’d love to connect !


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