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Apnea Training

Apnea Conditioning & Training!

Looking to practice your static breath-hold or dynamic dives? Need to brush up or refine your water entry? This is the place to do that!

One of our professional F.I.I. instructors will be on site and guiding the scheduled training. Just like the Ocean Session Training, this continuing education course was developed for those already Level 1 certified to keep those newly developed skills sharp!

Join us in the Pool Session to touch up on safety skills, water entries, equalizations and other confined water related skills! You will also have the chance to give the static apnea another shot, as well as, the opportunity to try dynamic apnea.

Example Training

(Technique Training) – Ie: Water Entry, Kicking, Safety, Equalization, Negative Pressure Dives, Streamline Body Position, Breathing, Ect.

(Static Apnea Training)

(Dynamic Apnea Training)

Other apnea training dates available upon request! Send Email