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Ocean Session

- If you are not certified and did NOT go out on the boat, select the $0 Reschedule option.

- If you are Upgrading your Pool Only Certification and would like to register for the ocean session portion of the course, select the $129 Upgrade option.

- If you are not certified and DID get to go on the boat but weren't able to complete your skills, select the $100 Make-Up option.

- If you are certified and would like to dive the line for additional training, select the $80 Training option.

Now that you are certified you should keep those newly developed skills sharp! We discussed during the course how muscle memory and investing the time to practice the skills you are trying to develop is essential to improving your overall freediving. Join us in the ocean dialing in those skills. If you are already Level 1 certified there is no need to follow the curriculum guidelines, and you are free to put all your effort into honing the skills that were taught in your course!

We highly recommend this course not only to those just keeping their skills fresh, but to those who are interested in taking the Level 2 Course prior to jumping into that class! This is also the registration for students that need to makeup or re-do their ocean session in order to  complete their certification.

If you are interested in Level 2 or you have the momentum built up as you hone in your freediving techniques check out the Apnea Conditioning Training as well!

Other course dates available upon request! Send Email

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