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Omer OMR-1 Watch

The OMR-1 Freediving Computer provides the apnea data you need to increase performance with advanced features for freediving and spearfishing. On the surface, the OMR-1 is in watch mode and displays time and date information. The freediving computer is water-activated, and will instantly switch to freedive mode once you begin your dive, displaying depth, water temperature, and dive time information. Upon surfacing, the OMR-1 displays your surface time as you breathe up. This freediving computer holds apnea information for up to 200 dives, and can be reflected on in Immersion Memory Mode. When apnea training, you can access Countdown Mode and Stopwatch mode, to accurately time static apnea times or for counting down breathe-ups. The OMR-1 is powered by a rechargeable battery, and includes the USB charging cable. Blend into your spearfishing environment with the interchangeable extra two freedive computer straps provided, in Omer's "Black Moon" and "Camu" prints.