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Omer UP-X1 Freediving Computer w/ Chest Strap

The Omer UP-X1 is the newest freediving computer to come out of Italy. Developed by Umberto Pelizzari and MOMODESIGN, this computer is at the pinnacle of function and design. With 6 mode functions, (Dive, Chronograph, Timer, Clock, Setup, and History) this easy to use computer can be used for training during freediving or on land in the gym or on the trail. The UP-X1 comes with a heart rate monitor which can work both in the water and on land. Simply strap on the watch and heart rate monitor and dive. The watch will automatically store and display the information, (Dive depth, diving time and intervals, temperature, and heart rate) which can then be transferred to a computer for further storage and review via the USB cable included with the watch.

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