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JBL Foot Pockets (Pair)

When designing our second generation full foot pocket JBL set out to create the best pocket possible.  To do this JBL went back to the drawing board.  They created an all new tri-density foot pocket.  It features three unique rubber blends that work together to create a pocket that is stiff, responsive, and soft in areas where it matters most.  The end result is a performance freedive pocket that kicks well above the competition.

Pockets are modular. Secured with screws and blade clips. This allows for smaller storage, easy repairs, and upgrades.


  • Tri-density Full Foot Pocket
  • Stiff Foot Pocket Bed for Enhanced Thrust
  • Soft Foot Pocket Upper for Reduced Foot Fatigue
  • Modular Design
  • Embedded JBL Tuna Coffin Logo