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C4 Carbon Red Falcon Blades

You may remember around a year and a half ago, my intention to take the Falcon Flap blades off the market. I remember how some of you, including European clients and International distributors alike, resisted the notion given that the product was still popular and therefore, based on your input, the product stayed in the catalog. And so, the actual Falcon VGR have been on the market for roughly six years and in the meantime, studies on the dynamics of long blade fins surely haven’t stopped. In fact, this research has led to a higher level of understanding of their attributes as it relates to performance and reduction of energy consumption for new product development. These studies have brought to fruition the realization of the new RED FALCON, which thanks to a balanced and careful combination of constructive parameters. The RED FALCON embodies a trait that results in a sensible increase in performance compared to our previous version of Falcon VGR blades. What’s changed? Everything is new in the RED FALCON. Starting with a more alluring aesthetic, the blades feature a new and exclusive textile T700 carbon fiber using a “large pixel” format, as well as new graphics. Design wise, the water rails are of a constant sectional height and proportion as they were in the former model, but they now boast a larger width and length, respectively of 207mm and 860mm. More importantly, the rake between foot pocket and blade is now a whopping 29°, from 25° in the previous version. By comparison, the first fins that I produced in 1990 had a 17° angle (220 x 720mm). In the Falcon 1996 model the angle changed to 20° (190 x 760mm), which then progressively went to 22°, and finally to 25° before arriving at our newest model. A variation of the angle in itself doesn’t bring miraculous effects in terms of performance and energy loss reduction, but it serves as a variable that changes other parameters, especially the curvature of the blades. And though the gains in performance from such changes may be small, the angle change necessitates a complete reworking of the molds, which demonstrates our commitment to continue to improve upon an already successful product. In the RED FALCON, the lamination of the layers changes considerably, thereby allowing the flex to produce our trademarked DPC (Double Parabolic Curve), which has been previously verified to yield great improvements in efficiency in the Mustang 3 and Fuego blade models. The RED FALCON is intended specifically for spearfishing. I specify this point because the length of the blade could be a source of confusion. The RED FALCON are intended as the definitive substitute for the Falcon VGR, which will remain in the catalog together with the Flap VGR until the end of the season, after which time both will no longer be available. An apples to apples comparison against our carbon fiber blade competitors shows our product to be very competitively priced, whether compared to artisan low volume producers, direct to the public manufacturers, or highly respected industry brands. This point is especially important when you consider some of the characteristics of our new fins aren’t available from other manufacturers. The new RED FALCON are available in the traditional stiffness options of 25, 30, and 40. A closing note on the choice of name. The Falcon product, since its inception, has always maintained two characteristics that are model trademarks: the concave shape of the tips of the blades and the red C4 logos. Both features are still there, so the name RED FALCON is the natural outcome. Warm regards, Marco Bonfanti It’s my pleasure to inform you of the birth of the newest RED FALCON, a product evolved from the original Falcon, which was introduced to the market 16 years ago.

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