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FLF Remora Gear Longfin Backpack


The Florida Freedivers Remora Backpack is one of our best selling gear bags, and it's for good reason!

You can fit all of your spearfishing and freediving gear in it if you're the kind of diver who likes to come prepared and have a few backups or you can pack two sets of gear in there light for traveling with a buddy.

The Remora Bag sticks with you wherever you go, because it's that complimentary to every dive trip.

We saw a need for an affordable bag that was long enough to fit the longest of freediving fins, like the Deep Apnea 100cm blades or the DiveR Australia blades, and no matter how big your foot pocket size is, this bag will fit them! (Yes, even you, Big Foot.)

The bag features reinforced grommets on the bottom of the bag for any excess draining and ventilation. All of the zippers are heavy duty and large enough to be able to grab and use, even with your dive gloves on. The material is a scratch and tear resistant vinyl that encourages water to roll right off, instead of soaking in and becoming moldy.

The medium sized front pocket is perfect for your smaller items like mask and snorkel and other miscellaneous parts of your cellphone dry bag. The bungees on the front of the pocket are great for towels, clipping water bottles to or anything you want to always have within reach.

There are bungee holsters on each side to strap your spearguns to that cinch down to whatever shape or diameter your gun is. There is also buckles on the top third and lower third of the bag that you can clip and tighten down to make the bag as compact as you can which is great for traveling or just taking up less space on the boat.

We've thought of it all so that you don't have to. Take the Remora Backpack with you on the boat or on the go. Wherever your next adventure leads, make sure to have the Remora by your side.

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