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Quick Spit Antifog Spray Bottle

Quick Spit Anti-Fog 1 fl. oz. (30 ml) spray - works on glass and plastic Now the world's best anti-fog comes in a spray! Quick Spit Anti-Fog works on anything that fogs including dive masks, swim goggles, paintball masks, sport goggles, ski goggles, eye wear, windows, binoculars, scopes & more. Apply wet or dry - Quick spit is so convenient and easy to apply... Spray, Dunk and Go! Over 200 pumps per bottle! Quick Spit Anti-Fog, see what you're missing... quicker! JAWS Spit Anti-Fog comes in a 1 fl. oz. (30 ml) container. Spit is made from all natural ingredients is hypo-allergenic, biodegradable, non-toxic, eco-friendly, colorless, odorless and alcohol free. Spit is colorless, odorless and the container has a convenient pump cap dispenser. JAWS Quick Spit Anti-Fog Spray 1 fl. oz. (30 ml) Features JAWS Quick Spit Anti-Fog Spray Works-On Glass & Plastic Uses: Dive Masks Paintball Masks Sport Goggles Ski Goggle Eye Wear Windows Binoculars Scopes & More Made with Natural Ingredients Eco Friendly Non-Toxic Formula Biodegradable Hypo-Allergenic Alcohol Free Colorless & Odorless Spray Solution Apply to Wet or Dry Surface Applicator: Convenient Pump Cap Plastic 200+ Pumps Per Bottle Defog De fog Content: 1 fl. oz. (30 ml)

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