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Oceanic F10 Freediving Watch Computer

The Oceanic F.10 was designed by free-divers for free-divers. Martin Stepanek founder of the Free-Diving Instructors International FII, says this about the F 10, "The F 10 has many free-diving specific features including a wide variety of convenient alarms. It's ideally suited for all types of breath-hold diving, spear fishing or free-diving, recreational to competitive. I've personally been diving with this computer for the past 14 months and find the repetitive depth alarm to be of specific value as it can track each atmosphere. The F.10 also features a surface interval alarm which is very beneficial during my interval training for competitive free-diving. It has a unique safety feature of an on-going stopwatch so whilst in-water my running time does not get erased if the computer becomes submerged-unlike with any other free-diving computer. Right now, this is simply the best free-diving computer on the market period."

The F.10 is designed to be both a digital gauge for free diving and can be used as a wrist watch. Features of the watch are dual time, hour differential for alternate time zone, countdown timer, chronograph (stop watch, run/lap timer) and daily alarms. In the Free-Dive Mode the F 10 has a surface mode, dive log that stores 99 of the most recent dives, history, set alarms and utilities mode. When diving with the F 10 the computer will show the dive number, current depth from 0 to 330' (0 to 100 meters) maximum depth obtained, elapsed dive time, surface interval time and temperature. The F.10 will automatically adjust for altitude when required. The F.10 is powered by a user replaceable 3 volt CR2430 Lithium battery with an expected battery life of 300 hours when used for both diving and as a watch.

The F 10 comes with a comprehensive owner's manual and a 60 month limited warranty. 

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