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Ermes Colibri

Ermes Colibri: The best constructive technology in an artisanal and functional product that distinguishes the reels Strong, enclosed in a tiny spin, but of great practicality and effect, the vision of the set already denotes great sturdiness, bracket and handle cut into 2 mm stainless steel laser, while the details are turned from full to cnc with Centesimal precision, has a stainless steel roller in the upper position It facilitates the sliding of the line and keeps it as close as possible to the stem to prevent it from approaching the bottom, almost diametrically opposed to a cylinder that avoids the inaction of the poem and that the Guarantees rigidity, the handle is of the retractable type, to avoid maximum clutter and function with ball lock. The clutch has jerky operation controlled by a ball on the handle and can be operated with one hand while holding the other free to use the rewind handle. The use of this reel is recommended for all fishing activities that do not require a large capacity reel, so in low medium water, and whenever you need the maximum possible tapping, you can still increase the capacity of the reel using sagles Technologies with smaller thicknesses. Technical Specifications: Approx. 25 meters of 1.5 mm osier, weight: gr 140, diameter of Coil 46 mm, total vertical displacement: height 49 mm