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X Riffe Horizontal Reel, Low Pro w/o Line

Riffe Low Pro Horizontal Reel: With over 30 years of research, development and testing, RIFFE’s reels have been proven to deliver the performance required while landing your prized catch.  

Reels are ideal for hunting around kelp, reef, and wrecks freely. A convenient, compact and hassle free setup which allows for quick water entry and exit.

Low-profile designs made of composite materials (Nylon-Fiberglass) including heat treated aluminum parts with a hard anodized surface. Lighter weight and lower profile aid in quicker tracking and maneuverability. Compact and Light weight - LOW PRO (6oz.)

The only reel on the spearfishing market with a 4 drag position slide lever control:

    1. Free Spool
    2. Light Drag
    3. Medium Drag
    4. Heavy Drag