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Rental Gear

The rentals do not come with foot pockets. Seac, Omer Stingray, and JBL pockets will fit all of them.

*Rental fees will count toward purchase of blades.

Florida Freediver Fiberglass blades $19.95 per day rental.

Florida Freedivers Fiberglass Blades are hand laid up in small batches to ensure the highest quality construction and consistent performance in the water. 

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Rental C4 Falcon Carbon blades. $29.95 per day, One pair of blades only, without foot pockets,

100% carbon fiber. Megaforce T700. Blade dimensions 790x190mm, Blade angle 22 degrees.  

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Rental C4 Blu Flap Carbon blades. 29.95 per day. 1 pair of blades only without foot pockets.

Overall length is 34”, and width is 8” with a constant section water rail. Made of 100% carbon T700 Megaforce. 

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Rental DiveR Fiberglass blades $29.95 per day 1 pair of blades only.

Hybrid epoxy resin system. Angle in the base of the blade aids streamlining, making both surface swimming and deep diving a breeze. 

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