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C4 Skorpio DNA Blades Pair

For the discerning diver looking for a fin with a reactive yet powerful kicking stroke the Skorpio DNA Fins offer the ideal solution with a 100% T700 carbon fiber construction. While providing a low energy consumption kick the Skorpio DNA has a sure footed feel which makes the fin adaptable to many styles of kicking. The ideal diver suited to the Skorpio DNA fins has already established an efficient free diving technique and requires a reactive and snappy carbon fiber blade to compliment them. Blade dimensions: 800mm x 190 mm.

3 Stiffness Options:

25/Soft - This stiffness is suited for divers who weigh 130-175lbs, diving between 20-80' with a mix of surface swimming and deeper diving/spearfishing.

30/Medium - This all around medium stiffness is intended for divers who weigh 175-210lbs, engage in surface as well as a mix of shallow and deep diving to 30 meters (100').

40/Hard - This stiffer blade is generally intended for bigger divers weighing over 200lbs or with a strong preference for deep spearfishing to a depth of 40 meters (130'). The stiffnesss of the blade renders this blade stiffness choice well suited to overcoming added negativity at depth and rapid acceleration requiring more power and energy from the divers' legs. The 40 stiffness are not recommended for beginers and lighter divers as they can contribute to ankle strain and reduced bottom times.

The C4 Skorpio DNA Blades are sold as a pair.

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