Deeply Book by Umberto Pelizzari

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This book is not only an autobiography of Pelizzari, but also an incredible reflection on man s constant and irrepressible urge to exceed the limits imposed on him by nature, to experience new sensations and to go deep within himself in search of a freedom that knows no boundaries., Captivating images accompany a vivid narrative of the records and adventures that defined Pelizzari s life and sporting career: from the beginnings in the pool, to the discovery of his own ability, the training, the teamwork, acquaintances with the historic figures of the underwater world such as Mayol and Maiorca as well as the simple folk of the seas who live their lives in contact with the water, the victories, world records, and freedives in seas all over the world, and the encounters with the magnificent sea creatures that inhabit them. Page after page, Pelizzari relives the experience of his inner journey in the depths of the sea.

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