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DiveR Mermaid Pink Fiberglass Soft

The world's most advanced composite diving fin blades. DiveR Composite blades tend to be a bit more rigid than carbon DiveR blades, as well as being more durable than carbon blades.

DiveR fins set the bench mark in both performance and cutting edge design. The original idea was to produce a fin which enables divers to swim easier with far greater thrust and far less fatigue. This became reality in the year 2000 when the first DiveR fin was born. Over two subsequent years of rigorous testing and further development DiveR fins became what you see today. These are superior fin blades, and not only professionals, but those divers who value their in-water time keeping choosing them.

The customised hybrid system, coupled with state of the art design and aerospace grade fabric combine to create a fin that transfers load to the larger muscle groups, instead of focusing on any one specific location. This is achieved by enabling the fin to progressively flex from heel to the toe. The ergonomic angle in the base of the blade aids streamlining, making both surface swimming and deep diving a breeze.

All the blades are hand made by DiveR in Australia and come with a 3 year warranty