Florida Freedivers 3mm Open Cell Wetsuit Jacket

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Florida Freedivers Wetsuit Size Guide

Florida Freedivers Wetsuits

Weight Height Size
90 - 120 lbs 5'0" - 5'4" XS
120 - 150 lbs 5'4" - 5'7" S
150 - 170 lbs 5'7" - 6'0" M
170 - 200 lbs 6'0" - 6'2" L
200 - 230 lbs 6'2" - 6'5" XL
230 - 260 lbs 6'3" - 6'7" 2XL
You are sure to get some serious stoke out of our top of the line wetsuit! It features Yamamoto 39 open cell neoprene, with the added benefit of durability for the recrational freediver and spearfisherman or woman. The two piece format with hood and beavertail closure allows you to stay warmer than a traditional backzip wetsuit. The two piece style also adds increased flexibility to the suit, since you don’t have the backzip to restrict your movement, especially when putting your arms over your head in typical freedive form. The suit also has a loading pad for your convience if you’d like to use it while spearfishing. The suit also feature an abrasion resistant knees and a handy cargo pocket. Many rave about the suit’s super stretch and the perfect fit! There’s no need to worry about the common ales of freediving suits, because this one is tested and true. Wetsuit jacket and pants are sold separately to provide custom fit for all shapes and sizes of divers. Available Thicknesses: 1.5mm or 3mm Available Colors: Black or Blue Camo

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