Gatku G910 Polespear bag

Gatku G910 Polespear bag

62" pole spear bag designed for Gatku's 9'ER and 10'ER 2pc pole spears (or any pole spears/spearguns under 62"). Bag is 62" long, 7" wide and 3" tall.

Made from a proprietary material that Gatku genetically engineered from hybridized samples of Chuck Norris' fingernails and Mr. T's mohawk… it's strong!

Equipped with PALS (universal webbing system) throughout to attach smaller Gatku Accessory Bags and 3rd party MOLLE modular-accessories of endless variety.

Attachment bags and shoulder strap are sold separately. Bag includes one bungee-clip for interior PALS pole attachment…but do accessorize away, either with our accessory bags or Molle/PALS 3rd party products all over the place.

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