HeadHunter 3/8” Adapter

This product was conceived by some custOmers of ours over in Nassau. They, wanted to be able to use the back half of a Predator Polespear as a complete, spear. So we created this adapter that turns your Predator into a 6 foot pole, spear. by allowing you to mount the tip system directly to the 3/8 thread. This, adapter can also be used to adapt our tips onto Lance Ohara polespears, , Gatku polespears, or any spear with 3/8 thread. The Adapter comes with the, following:, 3/8 adapter, set screw, 3/32 allen(hex) key, spare tip retaining bands and orings, *This adapter does not come with the SHOWSTOPPER slip tip or injector, rods.

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