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Headhunter Moana Hybrid Carbon Blades

Moana Hybrid Blades are 100% carbon "hybrid" performance, not materials. Incredible range of use. Available in hybrid soft (softer than our old soft) and hybrid medium (tiny bit stiffer than our old hybrid soft), 87 cm length.

Short, relaxed kicks feel softer, larger kicks more powerful - hybrid performance.

  • Hybrid soft has a firm base and soft tip with rapid progression of flex.
  • Hybrid medium has a firm base and a medium tip with rapid progression of flex.

Efficient like a soft blade during easy kicking (surface, drifts, steady ascents). Incredible medium to stiff blade power when you kick harder or dolphin kick.

  • Generally recommended for spearfishing and divers up to 100kg. 
  • Longer length and firm base = more load, so if you used medium fins, order the hybrid soft.
  • If you are used to medium firm fins, order the hybrid mediums.

IMAGE NOTE: This is the blade only, foot pockets are not included.