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JBL 6' Tapered 1 Piece Aluminum Polespear

The JBL Fixed 6' Pole Spear is a single-piece model by JBL that is ideally designed for small fish. This pole spear delivers flex-free energy transmission for improved performance. The pole spear ensures enhanced hydrodynamics for greater speed at reduced water disruption. It has a fully adjustable sling length and a 6mm threaded stainless tip.

Technical Specs: Pole Dimensions: 6' (183 cm) Length Hard-Bitten Tempered 6063 Aluminum (Solid Gold Anodized) Threaded Stainless Steel End Black Surgical Replaceable Rubber Sling Dimensions: 8 mm x 864 mm (5/16" x 34") Threaded end easily fits spear points by JBL or any 6mm tip.

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