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Moana Euro Carbon Blades

Moana Eure Carbon Blades cater to those that prefer a shorter fin, 74 cm. Available in Euro Medium and Euro Soft. Shorter length means less load, more maneuverability, more comfort. Particularly well suited for long days on the water, long surface swims, or in tight spaces. This is a great fin for the Bahamas. Excel in general conditions but well suited for deep diving with smaller, faster kick strokes. This model has become the fin of choice for several team members for general use. Adhering to our love of convex tips, we tried to squeeze in as much surface area into a short fin as possible. So, we chose two convex shapes rotated inward to give an overall concave but with nearly the flow and release of a pure convex tip. Keeping up with the namesake, shorter, softer fins are the rage in Europe for deep diving.

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