Omer Match Aluminum Reel

If you want to shoot big fish you need a reel. A large fish can pull your spear gun right out of your hand when it gets shot. The fish will begin to sound and when it does the fishes strength can take you for a ride. If you are not on Scuba this could become a problem very fast without a Reel. The Reel comes equipped with a Spring Operated Extendable Winding Knob to Reduce the Reels Profile for Low Drag when on the Hunt. Reel also has a Steel Sliding Line Guide for Even-and-Smooth Line Pay-Out and Re-Winding. The Durable Plastic Spool has two Bushes which eliminate the Friction on the Spool Shaft. The Movement of Standard Plastic Reels is usually Very-Rough. The problem is that the Plastic Spool Rotates on a Plastic Shaft and this Plastic on Plastic" situation creates Friction, resulting in an Uneven-Movement. Omer Sub has Solved-this-Problem on Match Reels by Inserting two Brass Bushings on the Body of the Reel. The Movement is made Plastic on Metal" resulting in a Perfectly-Smooth Rotation of the Spool. The Match Reels are equipped with a Classic Standard Friction which holds the Reel in a Locked -Position. In addition, the Reels also feature a Drag System which keeps the Line-in-Tension even when the Friction is Completely-Open. Reel is covered by a 24 month limited warranty.

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