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Red Gold Book

The true story of extreme deep diving with air and with rebreathers, in which Leonardo Fusco pioneers a new frontier for a centuries old maritime tradition. As friends who also push the limits of this new fron- tier are killed, Leonardo pioneers the use of hyperba- ric and submersible technology, with assistance from his friends Hans Hass and Gerhard Haux. For Captain Leonardo Fusco the discovery of the sea started at the age of nine. Years later while snorkeling off the coast of Palinuro, he discovered a branch of Corallium Rubrum (red coral) that for centuries has been widely traded and highly valued in the jewelry industry. As a result of this discovery, he started to search for coral and soon he became the first coral- laro. The intention of the author in writing this book is to make the nations of the world aware of this sad reality and to promote a universal consensus for the protection of Red and Pink Coral (Corallium Rubrum) and for making trade of all coral illegal. A portion of the proceeds from this book will go to Reef.org

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