Sea Stinger #1 Skinny Slip Tip

The Sea Stinger 1 (SS1) is the absolute best tip available for pole spears and Hawaiian Slings for hunting fish weighing 15 lbs. or less. Each of these custom, hand built products are made of the finest materials available. The exclusive patented design incorporates an ice pick type point with a quick detachable slip cable. These tips are designed to penetrate and hold your prey with as little force and as little damage as possible. The point is capable of piercing the fishes skin with very little force. The tip causes a tiny puncture wound only slightly larger than the stainless cable. The cable slips out of the body of the Stinger, allowing the tip to turn side ways and capture the fish. When the tip is deployed, the very end of the cable is captured by a locking retainer attached to the body of the Sea Stinger. When the fish is secured, the retainer is simply rotated to align the clearance slot with the cable and the cable and tip are released. The Sea Stinger 1 (SS1) has four main advantages over other types of spear points: The streamlined 3/16” shaft and super sharp point penetrates the fish with little force. Because there is such a small wound in the fish, the point is not likely to tear out of the body and release the fish. Removing the prey and rearming the Sea Stinger takes only seconds. This is a longterm investment that will pay for itself many times over. Rebuild kits are available so these units can be rebuilt year after year to a new condition so they will continue to perform for a lifetime.

Regular price $47.95

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