Sea Stinger Pelagic Polespear 3 Piece 9'

The Pelagic is the longest "off the shelf" spear that Sea Stinger makes.

It is still precisely tuned to deliver the optimum force for deep penetration of the Sea Stinger Tips. The Pelagic's carbon fiber shaft gives it a highly desirable tip heavy balance. Most of it's weight is in the forward 20 inches which increases accuracy and punch. The stiffness of the carbon fiber shaft reduces flexing under load and helps eliminate that power killing "shaft whip" found in other spears this length.

The Sea Stinger Tips are the best performing polespear tips available. They penetrate easier and hold better than any other tip. The unique cable lock engages and disengages with a simple twist. (The Pelagic is designed for use with the Sea Stinger SS1, SS2, SS3 break away tips, and the Manticore 3-Prong Barbed Tip).

The Pelagic is unique in that if you screw the front and aft shaft together you have a 80" Lightning Rod. So, if you purchase a 20" Lightning Rod Power Band, Power Band Cam, and a End Cap & Pin you'll be able to have both the Pelagic and two piece Lightning Rod! It's like getting an additional spear for the price of a Power Band!

We also recommend purchasing some Extra Tip and Cables and a Rebuild Kit or two 97" overall assembled length (57" Disassembled, 110" with tip), 3-Piece Break-Down Pole Spear, Super light and extremely strong carbon fiber shaft construction, 6mm threaded tip.

Regular price $225.00

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