Steve Alexander Slip Tip

The Steve Alexander Breakaway Heads or “slip tips”are designed primarily for Blue Water hunting and incorporate several significant design innovations, making them the most effective tips available. This is the first tip and adapter design to eliminate binding or sticking when lateral force is applied to the tip. In some cases, (with big fish or long shots), where the tip fails to penetrate completely through the fish, the tip will literally “pop off” it’s adapter the instant the fish accelerates or flexes its body. The lateral force actually forces the tip to disengage from the adapter. This unique design feature eliminates bent tips and adapters and greatly reduces the probability of bending the spear shaft. The sharp pointed rear barb then digs into the fish’s flesh and quickly “toggles” the tip inside the fish, resulting in fewer lost fish. The barb is made from a softer grade of stainless steel than the rest of the tip so that it will bend rather than break off. , The tether cable is rated at over 900 pounds and is attached to the tip with a ball and socket arrangement that allows the cable to lie flat against the spear shaft; and with a larger 3/32” diameter, the cable is less likely to tear through the fish. The low frontal area of the double-tube slide ring, (the smallest available), also reduces drag and shaft-steering effect. , The zero clearance fit of the adapter in the rear of the tip is unmatched in the industry and keeps the tip in perfect alignment for maximum accuracy. However, because of this very precise fit, special care must be taken to avoid hitting rocks, which can easily damage this part of the tip beyond use. For this reason, the Alexander Slip Tip is recommended for open water hunting only. , Tips come in two sizes; 4” and 5”. The 5” tip is available in either a Tri-cut or cone point, (“Pencil tip”). The 4” tip is recommended for almost all types of fish and conditions, especially when using the smaller 5/16” shafts. The 5” tips have a questionable advantage in holding power with a slight disadvantage in their larger “toggling arc” and greater sensitivity to premature disengagement. , Extra Cable tethers are available with the stainless ball-end attached for replacing frayed or excessively kinked cables.

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