XS Scuba Hypos Freediving Fins

The Hypos freediving fins are ideal for novice to intermediate free divers and those taking their first freediving class. They overcome that expensive barrier-to-entry posed by carbon fiber fins. These fins are lightweight, stable in the water and get the job done. These bi-material fins offer comfortable thermoplastic rubber (TPR) full foot pockets and flex-polymer blades. They can be worn barefoot, or with Lycra, polyolefin or thin neoprene socks. The fin blades have channels running the length of the blade to reduce lateral movement and help with tracking. The fishtail shape helps guide the fin through the water. The XS Scuba Hypos Fins are lightweight and float. Some carbon fiber lightweight fins will sink. Fins are available in multiple sizes, have a blade length of 35.5" (90 cm) with a width of 8.6" (22 cm). The size medium fins weighs 27 oz. (760 g).

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