Diving into Motherhood with Alli Penovich

Alli ad her son in the ocean by boat


alli and family with fish
Alli and son playing in pool
alli and son in bahamas
Alli husband and son with starfish on boat


My favorite place in the entire world is the Bahamas. I started going to this island almost 13 years ago. It's where I shot my first fish, became confident going deeper and ultimately fell in love with the ocean. When I became a mom, I knew that showing Jeremiah this special place would be so fulfilling. We took Jeremiah to the Bahamas for the first time in July of last year. Usually when we’re in the Bahamas, we’re in the water nonstop, catching dinner and exploring, but with a 1 year old, we were on a bit of a slower pace and spent more time fishing, playing in pool and searching for shells on the beach. 

On the second day of our trip, we blew up an inflatable boat, threw a life jacket on J and jumped in the water. This was my first time spearfishing in almost two years! We anchored at a shallow coral head where we usually get grouper, snapper and triggerfish and jumped in. We didn’t see much and we were taking turns pulling Jeremiah around, looking up every minute or so to make sure he was okay. Justin, my husband, swam up to me 10 minutes into the dive and says “J’s passed out.” Sure enough, the ocean waves lulled him to sleep so we continued diving and J got a nap in. It was my turn to pull J and I saw a shadow coming in off the sand. I gave the rope to Justin and started my dive. I love hunting these fish (we call them ocean going triggerfish) because they always stay just out of reach but are curious and if you wait them out, they usually come into take a closer look. I dove down and stayed low to the bottom, hiding behind sea fans and coral, I saw him look at me and he slowly made his way closer to see what was hiding behind the sea fan. I knew I had him at that point, extended my spear out and closed the gap. I surfaced with the fish and Justin said, “I just watched the whole thing, that was awesome”- the first fish he’s ever seen me spear. I look up and Jeremiah’s still fast asleep. It was the first fish I shot in almost two years and was so special to share it with my family. And J continued to sleep for another 20 minutes which was a plus!

This was no where near my biggest fish, hardest hunt, or deepest shot- but it is one of the most memorable fish I have ever landed. 

Alli with fish and son on boat
Alli holding fish underwater
Alli holding fish
Alli and her son with fish


With four spearfishing world records and several freediving competition wins under her belt, Alli has plenty of experience when it comes to gear. Here are a few of her favorite products.

Womens Kajiki Wetsuit-

The second I put on a Waihana wetsuit a few years ago, I knew I had found my new favorite wetsuit! I have never had a wetsuit that fits me so perfectly- no gaps or excess fabric around my waist. It fits snuggly but isn’t constricting at all and I can easily take a full inhale without feeling restricted. The neoprene is flexible and comfortable and provides warmth even after countless dives. My favorite pattern is the Kajiki.

Riffe Nekton Mask:

I switched to the Riffe Nekton Mask over 10 years ago and have never worn another mask since! This mask fits my face perfectly, offering a wide range of view without any uncomfortable pressure points that I've experienced with other masks. Of course, everyone has a differently shaped face, but if you're in the market for a new mask, definitely give this one a try!

Alchemy Carbon Fiber Blades:

I own both the V3 and the S Carbon blades, paired with Pathos Foot Pockets . Before getting these, I had never kicked carbon blades, and I tend to be quite tough on my gear. I was nervous that these would be more fragile than the fiberglass blades I was used to, but they are incredibly durable, and I thoroughly enjoy kicking with them! My kicks feel more efficient and powerful. Upgrading to carbon blades is definitely worth it to take your diving to the next level.

SpearPro Marseilles Belt and Weights:

I prefer the Marseilles buckle over the safety buckle, for no particular reason; it's just what I've had and am used to. I pretty much own one of every bright-colored weights sold at Florida Freedivers. Firstly, because it's fun and I can easily identify my belt on a crowded boat, and secondly, for safety reasons. Bright-colored weights, especially white ones, provide high visibility to your buddies in less than ideal conditions or at depth. Make sure you are always properly weighted for the depths and conditions you are diving in!