Florida Freedivers Team Divers


Alli Penovich

Alli Penovich is a 4-time spearfishing world record holder. She has spent time in Bali and the Caribbean competing for freediving and ranked 2nd overall deepest US female in 2019.

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James Ferrara

James is an incredible underwater photographer and spearfisherman. He has traveled all over the world capturing the most amazing photos of divers, sea life, and more.

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Instructor, diver and spearo

Virgil Price

Virgil Price is one of our dedicated freediving and spearfishing instructors. When he’s not teaching a class, he is in the ocean doing what he loves most!

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Casper Cafferata

Casper is lucky to live in the Bahamas where the clear water and fish are right in his backyard. He is our youngest team diver but has already landed many fish that most only people dream of!

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Joey Antonelli

Joey is an avid spearfisherman and fisherman and spends every day possible out on the water. Subscribe to his YouTube channel to see what adventures he goes on!

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Joey Antonelli on YouTube


Lisa Stengel

has spent years traveling all over the world, allowing her to see some of the most beautiful waters. She currently holds the women's world record forpolespearinga halibut at 71.4lbs!

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Fisherman turned spearo

Emily Kenyon

Emily is a Florida fisherman turned spearfisherman. You can find her out on the water in almost any condition!

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Jess Charmian

Jess has traveled the world living and working on yachts visiting some of the most pristine oceans. She is passionate about freediving and yoga and the two go hand in hand!

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