Alli Penovich- Dog Snapper

 Alli Penovich- Dog Snapper- 11.4lbs

We had a late start to the day but it ended up being well worth it! After checking a few spots with no luck, we decided to go to one more area before calling it a day. We jumped in and the water was a beautiful, deep blue. After a few dives, I dove down to the top of the ledge, right around 60ft, looking for anything other than a triggerfish to shoot. Towards the end of my dive, I saw a nice snapper cruising along the ledge. He turned and gave me a perfect head shot. I grabbed the front of my gun and line to make sure the fish wouldn’t swim under the ledge or get swallowed by one of the two Goliath Grouper hanging around and started swimming up. When I reached the surface, I realized the fish was way bigger than I originally thought! Thanks Eric, Kristi, and Matt for an awesome day on the water!