Charters and Shore Dives


We listed a few of our go to charters that will help make your day on the water a great one! 

Palm Beach:

  • Calypso:
    • Facebook: Calypso Dive Charters
    • Instagram: @calypsodivecharters
    • Website:

Key West: 

  • Dibs on Bottom:
    • Facebook: Dibs on Bottom Adventures
    • Instagram: @dibsonbottom_advenutres
    • Website:


  • Offshore Naples
    • Facebook: Offshore Naples
    • Instagram: @offshorenaples
    • Website:

Shore Dives:

  • Jupiter:
    • Green Roofs
  • Palm Beach:
    • Breakers

Another good trick to find your own dive spot is to pull up Google Earth and look for reef lines and coral heads close to shore.

Make sure to know the local laws and regulations of the area your diving! Always dive with a buddy and regulation dive flag. Watch out for boaters, even if you have a flag they might not see you! We don’t recommend using a stringer while shore diving. It’s best to get your fish out of the water as soon as you can.