Nick Bailey- Black Grouper

Nick Bailey- Black Grouper- 42.7lbs
I split up with my dad and my friend Jason to chase a hogfish and I shot the hog, it ripped off and then it went into a big ledge. Following behind it a big black holes up with it. (My dad and Jason spooked it and it somehow went to me!) so I get a flashlight to see and BOOM there is a big pectoral fin! So I keep the light in my hand, and the next dive I load my blue bantam. I shoot (where I thought the head was) and I get a shot in the upper back about 6 inches from the head. (He was angled slightly) then the next dive my friend gives me his blue bantam and I go down (light was already on him because I left it on the bottom) load up and as I’m taking aim I accidentally half let go! I thought/ hope it missed so I could get a headshot but I ended up actually still shooting him in the back again by accident. Then I get up and we get one more shot into him with the big blue roller. Then I go back down and retrieve the fish and swim it to the boat. Was hard to bring it in!! Very fun trip.