Spearfishing Records

The International Underwater Spearfishing Association (IUSA) was formed in 1950 to promote spearfishing and to assist in scientific and spearfishing competitive efforts. As part of this task, the IUSA became the certifying body and custodian of the spearfishing world records. The IUSA has certified several hundred records for a variety of fish from large bluewater species to smaller fish. Through several decades of existence, the IUSA has seen diver's skill and technology change from the Hawaiian slings of the Pinder Brothers to the high-tech equipment and super-powered spearguns of today's freedivers. 

In keeping with the need for change, and through the voluntary efforts of divers and other individuals who wish to see freediving and spearfishing reach its highest possible standards of excellence, the IUSA has recently undergone changes to reflect the changes occurring in the freediving community.