Sea Drops Mask Anti-Fog Medium 4 oz. Bottle

Sea Drops Mask Anti-Fog Medium 4 oz. Bottle

PLEASE NOTE: Photo shows 1.25oz bottle, but this listing is for a 4oz. bottle.

When you’re snorkeling or diving, the last thing you want is a foggy dive mask. A quick application of Sea Drops™ anti-fog drops cleans lenses and gets rid of fog, giving you a crystal clear view of the underwater world. Easy to use in the field and safe for silicone and rubber frames, Sea Drops is concentrated, long-lasting and non-abrasive. Just squeeze, rub, rinse and wear. Toss a bottle of Sea Drops anti-fog in your dive kit—and see what you’ve been missing.

  • McNett Sea Drops Anti-Fog & Lens Cleaner
  • Safe for All Glass and Plastic Lenses
  • Will Not Harm Silicone or Rubber Support Frames
  • Designed for Maximum Dive Mask Defogging and Quick, Easy, In-Field Application
  • Non-Toxic, Biodegradable and Alcohol-Free
  • Convenient 1.25 oz (37 ml) Two-Drop Squeeze Applicator
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