Cressi F1 Frameless Mask Pink

Cressi F1 Frameless Mask Pink

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Frameless masks are loved by many divers for their low profile and ability to fold flat for easy carrying, even in a BCD pocket. Cressi's Frameless Mask design bonds a high-grade silicone double feathered edge skirt directly to a single tempered glass lens for the ultimate in simplicity. The low internal volume allows for effortless clearing and the quick-adjust strap buckles are molded directly into the skirt for a flexible fit and reduced drag.

The easy access nose pocket can be used with one hand for proper ear equalization and the single lens design affords a wide field of vision. The Cressi Frameless Mask has a wide split mask strap design for comfort and to give even tension on the skirt for a proper seal. Mask comes with a Mask Box.

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