Riffe Nekton Mask
Riffe Nekton Mask

Riffe Nekton Mask

The Riffe Nekton features a low volume design meticulously tailored for freedivers. With a sleek and compact profile, this mask is thoughtfully created to enhance the underwater experience. Crafted with a durable Nylon frame and heat-treated silicone rubber to reduce fogging, the Nekton stands as a testament to quality and functionality. The low-volume skirt, designed for comfort and a snug fit, features a tear-drop glass lens shape that widens the diver's field of vision, offering a comprehensive view of the surroundings. The option to select between Clear and Amber lenses caters to diverse underwater visibility needs. Dive into clarity with the Nekton mask by Riffe.

Choose from two tempered glass lens options:

  • CLEAR - Standard clarity
  • AMBER - Ideal for increased light, higher contrast, and superior object separation in low visibility conditions.
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