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Argos High Socks 2mm and 4mm

Argos wetsuit booties are the pinnacle of spearfishing and free diving booties. Attention to detail and engineered for endurance, stability and longevity. Argos wetsuit booties are constructed of vigorously tested materials that withstand the elements no matter where your adventures take you. Neptonic Systems offer three variations of booties to suit your needs! Choose from 4mm high-tops, 2mm high-tops or 2mm low-tops. Argos wetsuit booties are engineered like no other. Features include abrasion resistant toe guards, no-slip polyurethane coating grip to keep you sure-footed and an ultra-stretch neoprene panel to keep your feet protected and comfortable. Also, the bootie is constructed of elastic and chemical resisted neoprene to ensure durability.


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