Beuchat Shark Mask
Beuchat Shark Mask
Beuchat Shark Mask Black
Beuchat Shark Mask
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Beuchat Shark Mask

Beuchat Shark Mask

The Beuchat Shark Mask is a super low volume mask with a great field of vision. The Shark has been designed to contain a minimum volume of air while offering an extra-large field of vision. It’s the ideal mask for deep and/or repeated free diving sessions. The Beuchat Shark mask is designed to incorporate sharp edges and curves to beak up the silhouette in the same way as a stealth aircraft. Additionally, the grainy surface on the skirt of the mask reduces light reflection and makes it even harder to detect.

  • Ultra-clear HD lenses for faithful colour rendering and improved contrast
  • Improved comfort for greater pleasure in spearfishing and free diving
  • The very small internal volume of the Beuchat Shark mask significantly reduces the amount of effort needed to equalise pressure.
  • This makes the mask more comfortable, and increases the pleasure of your spearfishing or free diving sessions.
  • The strap has a wide rear support band and a micro-adjustment system for closer fitting, better grip and greater comfort.
  • The silicon skirt combines comfort with a close fit for a perfect seal.
  • The mask’s grainy texture helps prevent the fingers slipping during adjustment and during pressure equalisation manoeuvres.
  • Optimum hydrodynamics
  • Rim designed to offer very low resistance in the water.
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