CETMA Prana Composite Blades

CETMA Prana Composite Blades

Introducing the CETMA PRANA Composite Blade, meticulously engineered to complement CETMA S-Wing Footpockets (sold separately). Crafted with precision and innovation, these carbon blades boast a range of features designed to optimize performance and durability in the water.

Key Features of Carbon Blades PRANA:

  1. Constructed from 75% carbon fiber and 25% S-glass fiber, ensuring exceptional strength and resilience.
  2. Made with 100% epoxy PRE-PREG using a hot melt system and micro-toughened tetra-functional resin for superior quality.
  3. Utilizes 3D-Tech, an exclusive technology from CETMA COMPOSITES, to achieve a flawless component with zero void level and uniform matrix/reinforcement ratio.
  4. FEM Design optimization ensures maximum hydrodynamic efficiency through precise distribution of stiffness.
  5. Dimensions: Width 185mm; Length from the bending angle 667 mm; bending angle 33 degrees.
  6. Available stiffness options: soft (S) and medium (M).
  7. Compatible with CETMA S-wing footpockets and Pathos footpockets.
  8. Features CETMA COMPOSITES water rails with variable height and high efficiency.

Experience unparalleled performance and agility in the water with the CETMA PRANA Composite Blades, a testament to innovation and quality craftsmanship in freediving equipment.

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