Cressi King Computer
Cressi King Computer
Cressi King Computer

Cressi King Computer

Technical Features

• High contrast display
• Easy access menu
• 12/24 time format with calendar and seconds
• Precision stopwatch
• Timer (countdown)
• Second time setting
• Alarm clock
• Backlit display
• Tide indicator
• Low battery indicator
• Metric or imperial units
• Long-lasting battery
• Sleep mode to increase battery life
• Battery replaceable by user
• Free (freediving) program
• Taravana risk reduction algorithm with 8 levels
• Pulmonary edema risk reduction function with approach dive calculation
• Display of all diving parameters
• Depth
• Temperature
• Dip counter
• Maximum dive depth
• Dive time
• Length of surface interval between each dive
• Length of diving session
• Maximum descent and ascent speed indication
• Depth, dive time and surface interval alarms
• Recovery time alarm
• Hydration alarm
• Alarms that can be set at dive phase
• Fresh/salt water setting
• Lock mode for snorkeling or swimming activities
• Logbook
• Variable data logging interval
• Available during the diving session
• Indication of session parameters and of each dive
• Interface
• Optional with visualisation of diving profile

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