Cressi Lumia+ Flashlight
Cressi Lumia+ Flashlight
Cressi Lumia+ Flashlight
Cressi Lumia+ Flashlight
Cressi Lumia+ Flashlight

Cressi Lumia+ Flashlight

Torch with a highly asymmetric design boasts excellent ergonomics and a highly tactile perception of its geometric characteristics. Thanks to this particular design, the switch position is immediately found without needing to use your eyesight.

The porthole and body are coated with thermoplastic rubber to extend shelf life and reduce noises from impact when used for fishing. These ergonomic features are a big advantage over aluminium torches with a circular section which do not give feedback on the position of the grip and, in some cases, even require the use of two hands to turn it on.

The switch has three positions: Off, On Unstable with Automatic Return, On. The “On Unstable” position is particularly useful in fishing because it allows flashing by one simple press. The strap with slider spring allows adjustment according to the user’s needs, but being elastic can be pulled out in case of emergency.

Power is supplied by four AA “Stylus” batteries, either alkaline or rechargeable. The electronics ensure a constant level of brightness even when the batteries are rechargeable and/or not fully charged.

The LED has a neutral white color temperature similar to sunlight for maximum return of the colors in the underwater environment. The light beam of the LED is narrowed into a spot light beam of about 8° by means of a lens made of ultra-transparent material protected by the polycarbonate optical porthole. Batteries included.

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