DiveR Composite (Fiberglass) Blades

DiverR Composite freediving/spearfishing blades are made in Australia and manufactured using the toughest, state of the art, designer epoxy resin system. The composite blades are equivalent to high-end fiberglass.

Each pair of fins has been tested on performance and have reported no breakages, no degeneration, and no decline in performance or mechanisms of the blade. The blades are also handmade with the finest quality and attention to detail and are durable, tough fins, which makes them suitable for demanding conditions. DiveR composite blades can be used by high performance athletes or casual divers and comes in various designs and rigidity levels.

These blades are compatible with the following foot pockets:

  • Omer Stingray
  • Mares Razor
  • Sporasub Spitfire
  • Cressi
  • Picasso
  • Salvimar*
  • Pathos*

*Some modification may be needed. Foot pockets not included.

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