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Headhunter Warhead Slip Tip

Meet the Warhead! After more than a decade as the most popular slip tip for pole spears, Headhunter has decided to retire the Showstopper Slip Tip. It had a great run, but they feel we can offer something even better. So for the past year Headhunter has been developing the Warhead Slip Tip. They have made the tip stronger. It has less wobble when it is seated on the injector rod but it also toggles beautifully, even better than the Showstopper does. It has a 4 sided cut point  and blood grooves for improved penetration in scaled fish and easy sharpening in the field. And Headhunter milled out the area around the cable connection to allow for a lower profile loop that will decrease wear and tear on both spectra and cable. All of these features  are packed into a heat treated 17-4 ph stainless tip that is available in cable rigging and spectra.

Not only is the spectra easier to handle and does not kink, it has a breaking strength almost double that of a comparable stainless steel cable. Another advantage of using spectra is that it will not saw through the fish’s body as quickly as cable will. This is especially important on softer species such as wahoo, dolphin, mackerel, etc. 


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