Headhunter Warhead Tip Cable
Headhunter Warhead Tip Spectra
Headhunter Warhead Tip Spectra
Headhunter Warhead Tip Spectra

Headhunter Warhead Slip Tip

Introducing the HeadHunter Warhead Slip Tip! After over a decade as the preferred slip tip for polespears, Headhunter has retired the Showstopper Slip Tip. While it had an impressive run, Headhunter believes they can offer something even better. Enter the Warhead Slip Tip—a stronger tip with reduced wobble when seated on the injector rod and enhanced toggling, surpassing the performance of the Showstopper. Featuring a 4-sided cut point and blood grooves for improved penetration in scaled fish, it also facilitates easy sharpening in the field.

Headhunter has meticulously milled out the area around the cable connection, creating a lower-profile loop to minimize wear and tear on both spectra and cable. All these features are integrated into a heat-treated 17-4 ph stainless tip, available in both cable rigging and spectra.

Opting for spectra not only provides easier handling without kinking but also boasts a breaking strength nearly double that of a comparable stainless steel cable. Additionally, spectra's advantage lies in its slower sawing through the fish's body, making it especially beneficial for softer species like wahoo, dolphin, mackerel, and more.

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