Koah Bluewater Speargun
Koah Bluewater Speargun
Koah Bluewater Speargun
Koah Bluewater Speargun
Koah Bluewater Speargun
Koah Bluewater Speargun

Koah Bluewater Speargun

The Koah Bluewater Speargun series, designed for unparalleled power and precision, features a 30% wider body with an aggressive front and waist taper for enhanced hydrodynamics. It incorporates an innovative Variable Ballast System (VBS) for customizable balance and recoil management, alongside an aluminum AR base handle with a rubberized hogue grip for superior strength and comfort. Equipped with a 5/16 shaft, four 5/8 powerbands, and standard breakaway mono rigging, this speargun is optimized for bluewater hunting. The mid plus retainer and safety plating, made of carbon fiber, add to its durability and performance. The Koah Bluewater is a testament to advanced speargun engineering, offering spearfishers the power, balance, and ergonomic design needed for targeting large pelagic fish.

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More About The Koah Bluewater Speargun

Koah Bluewater Speargun: Engineered for the Deep Blue

The Koah Bluewater Speargun series is the epitome of spearfishing innovation, designed for those who chase the thrill of the open ocean. With its 30% wider body and aggressive taper, this speargun cuts through water with ease, offering spearfishers both power and agility.

Variable Ballast System (VBS)

At the heart of its design is the Variable Ballast System (VBS), allowing users to adjust the speargun's balance for optimal recoil management and stock balance. This system, paired with internal ballasting, ensures that spearfishers can customize their gear to their specific hunting style and conditions.

Unmatched Comfort and Strength

The aluminum AR base handle, complemented by a rubberized hogue grip, provides a sturdy yet comfortable hold, ensuring that spearfishers can focus on their prey without distraction. The speargun comes equipped with a 5/16 shaft and four 5/8 powerbands, ready for the challenge of big game hunting.

Advanced Materials for Durability

With mid plus retainer and safety plating made from carbon fiber, the Koah Bluewater Speargun is built to withstand the rigors of the ocean. This durability, combined with standard breakaway mono rigging, makes it a reliable choice for serious bluewater hunters.

Designed for Precision and Power

Whether targeting Wahoo, Dorado, or other pelagic giants, the Koah Bluewater Speargun is your tool for success. Its design emphasizes power without sacrificing mobility, ensuring that every shot counts in the vast bluewater.

Koah Spearguns is a distinguished brand in the spearfishing industry, renowned for its commitment to high-quality craftsmanship and innovation. The company was founded on the principle that authentic quality stems from superior craftsmanship and innovative design. Koah Spearguns has redefined the traditional concept of spearguns, moving beyond the basic idea of a stick with rubber bands. Their product line features hand-designed, custom-made enclosed track spearguns, crafted with the finest materials available.

The brand is dedicated to creating spearguns that excel in functionality, offering exceptional tracking, range, and laser-sharp accuracy. This focus on quality and performance makes Koah Spearguns a preferred choice for spearfishing enthusiasts seeking reliable and efficient equipment.

In addition to their product offerings, Koah Spearguns is actively involved in the spearfishing community. They sponsor shooters and honor influential individuals in the field, such as Michael Reed, showcasing their commitment to the sport and its community.

For those interested in staying updated with the latest products, updates, and exclusive sales, Koah Spearguns offers a newsletter subscription. This commitment to customer engagement and community involvement further solidifies their position as a leading brand in the spearfishing industry.

Discover the excellence of Koah Spearguns, where innovation meets craftsmanship in spearfishing. Our range of hand-designed, custom-made spearguns offers unparalleled accuracy, range, and functionality. Join the Koah community and experience spearfishing like never before with Koah Spearguns.

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