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Koah Roller Spearguns
Koah Roller Spearguns
Koah Roller Spearguns

Koah Roller Spearguns

The Koah Roller Speargun is a revolutionary spearfishing tool, developed over a year to offer unmatched power and precision in a compact design. It features an advanced roller mechanism that significantly reduces power loss and recoil, making it easier to handle underwater. The speargun's design allows for easy loading of large bands and includes a 'kicker' power band for rapid shaft release, enhancing its shooting accuracy. It stands out for its user-friendly features, including thumb spots for band adjustment and a second stage band location for extra power. Available in various sizes and models, the Koah Roller Speargun is an ideal choice for spearfishers seeking a powerful, accurate, and easy-to-use speargun.

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More About The Koah Roller Spearguns

Koah Roller Speargun: A Revolution in Spearfishing Technology

Introducing the Koah Roller Speargun, a groundbreaking advancement in spearfishing gear. Developed over a year, this series combines power, precision, and ease of use in a compact design. Don't be deceived by its size; these spearguns deliver a remarkable punch with minimal recoil and surprising range.

Advanced Roller Mechanism

The Koah Roller Speargun utilizes a sophisticated roller mechanism, significantly enhancing its power. This mechanism involves a 45-60 inch power band that starts at the bottom of the stock, moving through ball bearing rollers functioning as a pulley. This design allows for easy loading of large bands and reduces power loss from 25-35% in standard power bands to just 5-10%.

Optimized Power and Recoil

One of the standout features of the Koah Roller Speargun is its exceptional power coupled with minimal recoil. The large roller band moves in two opposite directions simultaneously, creating a 'thump' effect rather than a 'kick', significantly reducing recoil. This design offers about a 20-25% power advantage over standard models, making a 52" Roller comparable to a three-banded 60" standard speargun.

Enhanced Accuracy and Performance

Built around the core principle of dead-on accuracy, the Koah Roller Speargun ensures precise shots under various underwater conditions. The front 'kicker' power band on the muzzle is a standard power band, primarily functioning to release the shaft with snap speed, followed by the roller band for continued propulsion.

User-Friendly Design

Unlike early roller models that were large, cumbersome, and user-unfriendly, the Koah Roller Speargun is designed for ease of use. It features thumb spots for easier band adjustment and a second stage band location for added power. This design allows for loading one or two bands effortlessly, making it suitable for spearfishers at all levels.


The Koah Roller Speargun series represents a significant leap in spearfishing technology, offering spearfishers unparalleled power, precision, and ease of use. Its innovative design and user-friendly features make it a top choice for both novice and experienced spearfishers alike.

Koah Spearguns is a distinguished brand in the spearfishing industry, renowned for its commitment to high-quality craftsmanship and innovation. The company was founded on the principle that authentic quality stems from superior craftsmanship and innovative design. Koah Spearguns has redefined the traditional concept of spearguns, moving beyond the basic idea of a stick with rubber bands. Their product line features hand-designed, custom-made enclosed track spearguns, crafted with the finest materials available.

The brand is dedicated to creating spearguns that excel in functionality, offering exceptional tracking, range, and laser-sharp accuracy. This focus on quality and performance makes Koah Spearguns a preferred choice for spearfishing enthusiasts seeking reliable and efficient equipment.

In addition to their product offerings, Koah Spearguns is actively involved in the spearfishing community. They sponsor shooters and honor influential individuals in the field, such as Michael Reed, showcasing their commitment to the sport and its community.

For those interested in staying updated with the latest products, updates, and exclusive sales, Koah Spearguns offers a newsletter subscription. This commitment to customer engagement and community involvement further solidifies their position as a leading brand in the spearfishing industry.

Discover the excellence of Koah Spearguns, where innovation meets craftsmanship in spearfishing. Our range of hand-designed, custom-made spearguns offers unparalleled accuracy, range, and functionality. Join the Koah community and experience spearfishing like never before with Koah Spearguns.

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