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Koah Shortie Speargun

Best way to describe this would be "The Pistol of KOAH spearguns". Ranging from 28-38 inches in size, the primary function of the shortie is to wedge in places others cannot.

Serves as a great hole gun as well as an easy to carry speargun when lobstering.  Very popular in the Keys where hog-fish and snapper are common. Comes stock with a stout 8mm shaft and (2) 5/8 bands to give you an effective 12-14ft of accurate range. Maximum band stretch is utilized by placing the handle and trigger mechanism at the farthest rear placement point.

Standard Equipment

  • Mahogany  stock
  • Glass filled epoxy enclosed track
  • Reef Mechanism
  • 2 - 5/8 bands
  • 8mm shaft
  • Double wrap mono 

Choose either "Ship Today" or if we do not currently stock this gun choose "Deposit" and we will custom order the gun for you. Custom orders are typically 3 to 6 weeks.