Lefeet S1 Dual Pro Modular Underwater Scooter

Lefeet S1 Dual Pro Modular Underwater Scooter

Comes with 2 of the S1 scooters, a high strength rail kit to connect the scooters together, batteries, charging cables for the batteries as well as the wireless remote controls, and a GoPro E-mount for attaching a GoPro to the scooter.

The scooters come as 2 indiviual units contained within their own cases, and the rail kit comes in its own box as well. Assembly is completed by use of 4 thumb screws, no tools necessary, and can be put together completely in under 5 minutes.

Weight: 5 lbs/2.5 kg (including battery)

Size: 11.8" x 11.8" x 6.3" (Including Handle Bracket)

Working temperature: 0°C ~40°C Waterproof 

Depth: 40m (131 feet)

Adjustable Speed: low / med / high

Endurance time: 35-70 mins - main unit 

2.5 hours - remote controller 

Plug-in support: sports camera mount

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